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HP LaserJet M1319f 4 in 1 device for small businesses

HP LaserJet M1319f is a 4 in one device that is able to satisfy all the needs of any small to medium sized business. It is perfect for any office environment because it can be used as fax, scanner, monochrome laser printer and copier in the same time. It has 32 MB of memory, 1200 x 1200 dots per inch printing resolution and a printing speed of 18 pages per minute.
It is relatively compact because its dimensions are 14 x 10.5 inches. 
Because of the HP’s fuser on technology, HP LaserJet M1319f starts printing in less than 8.5 seconds. There are a lot of printing devices with a much higher warm up time.
The fax modem has 33.6 Kbps speed, so the pages can be transmitted with 20 pages per minute speed. Also, the fax memory is able to keep up to 500 pages in its memory.
It is a multifunctional device. It can be used as a monochrome laser printer, scanner, copier and fax. 
The native printing resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, but it can reach 1200 x 1200 dots per inch printing resolution, by simply using its software. At a resolution which is so high, the texts are very sharp and the graphics look very well.  
It comes with 32 MB of memory, which is quite impressive. The printing speed is 18 pages per minute and it can hold up to 250 sheets in the paper tray. Also, it comes with a multi purpose paper tray for transparencies, envelopes and many other things. The multipurpose tray is able to hold 10 sheets.
The lack of two sided printing and scanning could be one of the major disadvantages of HP LaserJet M1319f. When you are using two sided printing feature, you save money, time, the carbon foot print is reduced drastically and you reduce the paper waste. In other words, you are using the printing device in a very eco friendly way.
Another con would be that you cannot scan directly on the glass platen. It means that you need to remove the pages of a magazine or something like that in order to scan it. This thing could be very frustrated because most users cannot afford to remove the pages of a book or magazine to scan it. 
Also, the lack of Post Script print emulation could be another very big disadvantage that one should take into account.

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