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OkiData C5150n

Oki is a name synonymous with office equipment. It is no surprise the company is a dominant force in the marketplace. The equipment it produces is of the highest quality with no major concessions. The build quality has been consistently good throughout the range as has been print quality. The C5150n continues the good work.

The C5150n is a desktop printer that extends the firms reach in the market. It is a color laser printer built for the small or home office or workgroup. While it can handle a hefty duty cycle, it isn’t really built for heavy use. The design is functional but comfortable, the construction solid.

It performs well too. The C5150n produces monochrome prints at a rate of 20 page per minute and color at 12 pages per minute. While not the fastest on the market, it is plenty fast enough for its target group.

The print quality is very good as we have come to expect from Oki. It delivers even on fonts down to 3pt, at the standard resoltuion of 600 dpi. Monochrome reproduction is the real strength of the C5150n. It is much happier printing monochrome prints and standard documents all day long. That is taking nothing away from the color reproduction of course.

It can be connected via USB or via network as the n in C5150n indicates. An added feature is the opional wireless adapter that can be added to allow true wireless printing. There is also the optional duplexer for double sided printing. Not essential, but useful as an optional upgrade.

The paper drawer is at the bottom fron of the machine and can handle up to 300 sheets. There is also a 100 sheet multi-purpose drawer above it that can either be used for envelopes and other non standard materials, or in addition to the 300, to take it’s total capacity to 400.

Replacement toner is plentiful and most online retailers stock them. Black toner can print approximately 15000 pages, and the color ones around 5000 before needing replacement.

Overall, the Oki C5150n is a good, value for money desktop printer. It is ideally placed to fulfill the needs of the small business or home office. It’s capable enough to cope with almost anything, and at a reasonable price offers good value for money to consumers.

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