Rabu, 25 September 2013

HP LaserJet P4515

We have a HP LaserJet P4515 in our publishing office, and have had it for a little while now. We are a small publishing house in the North-West and can’t afford the industrial sized printers of our larger competitors so we had to be clever about how we spent our money.

The P4515 was the ideal choice really. Hewlett Packard is a name we knew, had direct experience with and had worked with before. Both I and a colleague had worked with them before and had positive experiences using them. Add to that decent purchase prices, low-ish running costs and a reputation for decent quality printing and reliability and we were on to a winner.

The combination of speed and print quality is what decided the model of the printer we bought. The P4515 prints at around 60 pages per minute, and when it prints, every single page is printed accurately and precisely. At 1200 dpi, the capabilities are there to print detailed and decent images. We don’t do that with our one, although we did test a few to try it out. Each image was detailed, the rendering was exactly like the original and the grayscale made it look almost color.

Text printing is where out interest lies, and where the P4515 excels. There isn’t much difference in print quality between draft mode and normal. Draft prints a little quicker so we tend to use that. You don’t really notice a difference between a 600 and a 1200 dpi printer in text, but psychologically it works for us. Even exotic fonts, headlines or postscripts are printed faithfully and without fault. All edges are crisp and clean, edges are either sharp or round, whichever they are supposed to be, and the fill in larger points is deep black.

The print speed is a boon to us, we need to print a lot so it makes a real difference to our productivity. The included gigabit Ethernet is also a nice move, communication is swift and the 540Mhz processor handles whatever we throw at it with equal gusto.

The P4515 is designed to perform, and while I can vouch for other users, it does for us. It does what we want, when we want how we want, and that’s about all I need from a printer.

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