Senin, 02 September 2013

HP LaserJet 4600hdn

If you want good quality prints in a hurry, the HP LaserJet 4600n might be just what you need. First released in 2002, we bought it new a little after that. In the intervening years, the models have been improved, refined and changed a lot since the 4600n was new, but we wouldn’t part with it for the world.

It might not be the fastest or sleekest printer in the world, but it has stuck with us through thick and thin and hasn’t let us down once. The only work we have had to do on it has been to change toner cartridges and unblock the odd jam. There are many more expensive printers I know of that demand much more than that from their users.

Hewlett Packard products have always been robust, we have had a few of them, and keep returning because of this and their reliability. Even the drawers are solid and still perform well, without coming loose or getting stuck after all these years.

It’s a 600 dpi print engine that manages to produce decent quality prints at around 17 pages a minute. I don’t time them anymore because it doesn’t interest me, but I did when we first got it and seem to remember that’s what it managed. The text quality is very good. Crisp, smooth text with dark black printing and straight edges make the lettering stand out loud and clear on the page. No other smudging or other markings on the page ensures the print is the only thing on the page to grab your attention.

The printer was originally designed for small workgroups, and I guess that’s what we are, two computers, a router and a printer. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain and gives us no problems whatsoever. The little control panel is easy to read, and the LCD clear enough to be able to understand from a short distance.

We only had to use HP’s Technical Support once, a couple of years ago when something broke, and their support person was good enough to be able to solve the problem in very little time. They sent a replacement part out to us and it didn’t cost us much at all. That’s another reason why we like HP. After-sales support is a true measure of the caliber of a company.

The HP LaserJet 4600n is an effective, reliable printer that doesn’t let you down. If you need a printer and see one of these, don’t hesitate.

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