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Brother DCP 7020

The Brother DCP-7020 is a laser copier, printer and scanner all in one.  It doesn’t offer fax, which is why it isn’t classed as a true multifunction device, but it’s as near as you can get to one.

As a copier the Brother DCP-7020 is very good.  It can output monochrome copies at a rate of 20 per minute and can do it all day long.  The reproduction is excellent, text and images are reproduced with clarity and have a definite crispness to them.  Images and photographs are also copied and printed well.  Even though the machine is monochrome, a color photograph is translated well into the varying shades of gray.
As a printer, the Brother DCP-7020 works very well.  The prints are also produced at a steady 20 sheets per minute and are of a high quality, as you would expect from a laser device.  There are all the usual features you would expect from a printer such as multi-printing, enlargement or reduction, configurable contract, brightness and tone levels as well as a large enough paper tray to hold 250 sheets of paper.

The scanner works in color and allows you to scan normally on to paper, or electronically into an email or pdf.  Again, the quality is good, and the 35 sheet paper tray means you can leave it alone to do its work.  It can also copy books and magazines.

Setup and configuration is a breeze, with an easy to use menu system and extensive configuration options.  Everything you need is on the driver CD included in the box, and Brother seem to release updates regularly.

Cost of ownership is modest, with a reasonable purchase price, Energy Star compliance and reasonable toner cost.  It even comes with everything to get you started , except paper of course!  The starter toner is good for around fifteen hundred pages, so it will be a little while before you need to order more. 

These benefits make it ideal for the small or start up business.  Large organizations can still benefit from the DCP-7020 as it is a real workhorse.  It rises to every demand made of it, and will copy and print all day long.

After-sales support is also good.  If, in the unlikely event you find yourself needing it, the toll-free number actually puts you through to a native English speaking representative who can talk you through troubleshooting the device.  If your problem isn’t solved, they will call you back and an engineer will offer their assistance until the problem is addressed.

The true value of a product can only be assessed when it is in use.  The DCP-7020 won’t let you down.  For businesses of any size looking for a steady, reliable printer, copier, scanner could do a lot worse than the Brother DCP-7020.

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