Sabtu, 28 September 2013

HP LaserJet 5550

For a totally different color and monochromatic printing experience, Hewlett Packard offers the HP LaserJet 5550 for official as well as personal use. This printer gives superior quality printouts at a highly reasonable price. With a well designed chassis this laser jet printer has served our printing needs quite economically ever since we bought it a couple of years ago.

After paying the price for this printing machine our major concerns were speed of work and quality of print outs. Previously we had a printing system at our work place which gave us a pretty tough time especially when large documents had to be printed in a short period of time. Compared to that HP LaserJet 5550 was a sigh of relief and saved tremendous amount of time which was wasted while we waited for prints to come out of our previous printer.

Besides this beneficial feature the HP LaserJet 5550 has several other plus points which we have discovered over years of using it in our workplace. With a 160MB expandable memory, this printer can work with OC as well as MAC and produces fast printouts at a speed of 27 pages per minute for both color and black and white prints. Its 600dpi resolution produces vibrant, clear and sharp images, texts, diagrams as well as graphs on any media including envelopes, heavy-weight glossy paper, transparencies, labels, plain paper, heavy-weight paper, glossy paper, cards, recycled paper and high-gloss paper depending on the user requirements.

One feature of the HP LaserJet 5550 color printer that has proved extremely helpful for us is its Parallel, USB and Ethernet ports. Through these ports every worker has been able to take printouts immediately. When we first bought this printing system installing it and getting started was not an issue due to the user manual that came with the package. The drivers were also easily configured in no time. What we did not know at the time of purchase was the fact that this printer had an automatic duplexing or dual side printing system.

The 500 sheet input tray, 100 sheet multipurpose tray and 16 seconds warm up time make it very fast and easy to take good quality monochrome or color prints for any purpose. Through our experience we have found the HP LaserJet 5550 printer to be a worthwhile addition to the series of products developed by HP so far. Over the years it has offered maximum affordability through its lasting color toners, convenience and support for the relative personal and official purposes of all our workers.

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