Rabu, 18 September 2013

Canon PC920

The Canon PC920 is the predecessor to the PC940. It is a personal desktop copier that measures 17.5 inches by 12 by 20 inches wide. At 42 pounds it is a hefty machine, which hopefully means the build quality reflects what we have come to expect from Canon over the past few years.

While not the most aesthetically pleasing device in the world, it’s difficult to fault the solid construction and no-nonsense design. It’s functional and intended to fit in with other office devices. The PC920 was released before Canon came up with their RAPID toner technology so it isn’t as quick to react as the PC940, but is still a competent performer nonetheless.

Even though the device is fairly small, it can cope with letter or legal sized paper with ease. There is a 250 sheet paper cassette that slots into the front and works effortlessly. Along with the single sheet use on the platen, brings the capacity up to 251 sheets. The glass and copier engine can also cope with books and other 3D objects, and will give a surprisingly good copy even though the lid might be open.

The PC940 had an instant warm-up facility, while the 920 doesn’t have that, warm up is only 10 seconds. A further 10 seconds will have the first completed copy ready for you. That’s pretty impressive for a copier, even a smaller desktop one.

Print quality is excellent. Every single copy came out perfectly when we tested. Our test document is 24 pages long and designed to put office equipment of all descriptions through its paces. The PC920 didn’t let us down. Each and every copy had the same contrast, brightness and toner density. Graphs, images and even photographs were rendered accurately and came out at a steady rate of 10 pages per minute.

For users who work from home, run a small business or simply do a bit of copying, the Canon PC920 is an excellent little machine. It’s low duty cycle, and small footprint means it’s ideal for its target market. With toner cartridges that last for 4000 sheets and cost less than $40, it doesn’t cost the earth to own. It performs well enough for most needs, even copying photos proficiently. The PC920 is a good little copier and well worth a look if you’re in the market for one.

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