Kamis, 15 November 2012

Servise required epson R340

It powers up,goes thru a little self-check type thing,then goes to home position. Then after a few seconds,it moves to the left to where you can see the ink pad,and goes bang. Then it displays error. I have the service manual - but it's a lost cause. All it tells you to do is how to tear it apart. You can check nothing while it's assembled.

The ink counter is related to the ability of the printer to absorb waste ink (generated every time you clean the print heads or change a cartridge); it is not connected to the amount of ink remaining in the print cartridge. To reset the waste ink counter, press the following three buttons simultaneously, until the unit powers off: Power, Setup, and Stop. Then turn the power back on.

After you reset the counter, you need to redirect the waste ink or you will continue to get this error. On the back of the printer is a little door that is held by a screw. Remove the door and look inside, looking down, for a piece of white absorbant. Under the absorbent is a "clear" tube. This is the waste ink tube. Pull the end out (there will only be a few inches that protrude from the back of the printer). Now, connect some tubing to this, fish aquarium tubing works well, and push the free end into a jar or bottle that has a hole cut in the top or lid.

Once you redirect the waste ink away from the absorbent and sensors, you will no longer receive the error message. If you do a lot of printing, you should also look using at a continuous ink system (CIS). They can be found on eBay or from several vendors like Print-On-a-Dime. The same CIS will fit the R300, R320 and R340.

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