Senin, 19 November 2012

Canon Printer Display Error Code

Error code on the printer shows the types of damage at the time of the printer can not do his job. Each error code has a different treatment. If you want to fix your printer, you need to know the error code and how to fix any errors occurred.

The following is a kind of error code that appears on the display of Canon Printer MP190, MP250 and MP270 series. Code could apply to the previous series and next series.
  • E02: The machine is out of paper / Paper does not feed
  • E03: Paper Output Tray is closed / Paper jam
  • E04/E05: The FINE Cartridge cannot be recognized
  • E07: FINE Cartridge is not installed in the correct position
  • E08: Ink absorber is almost full
  • E09 (MP270 series only): The machine has not received a response from the digital camera. The digital camera or digital video camcorder connected is not compatible with this machine.
  • E13: Ink level cannot be detected.
  • E14: The FINE Cartridge cannot be recognized.
  • E15: The FINE Cartridge cannot be recognized.
  • E16: Ink has run out.
  • E19 (MP270 series only): PictBridge compliant device is connected via a USB hub.
  • E30: The size of the original cannot be correctly detected or the document is too small when the Fit-to-Page copying is selected.
  • E31: The machine is not connected with the computer.
  • E50: Scanning the print head alignment sheet has failed.

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