Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

HP LaserJet P1005 self test configuration page

Unlike most LaserJets, you cant print a configuration page directly from the P1005 itself.  You have to do it through the print driver instead.  To print a self test/configuration page in Windows:

- Open the Printers app in the Control Panel.  (In Windows 7, you can click on Devices and Printers on the Start menu to get there.  In Windows Vista, you can type "printers" into the Search bar and select the app from the results.  In Windows XP, click on Control Panel from the Start menu and then open the Printers app.)
- Right click on the LaserJet P1005 icon, and select Printing Preferences.
- Click on the Services tab.
- Under the "Print Information Pages" heading, choose Config Page from the drop down menu.
- Click Print.

The P1005s configuration page lists the printers total page count, number of jams, amount of available memory, recent error codes, and other useful information (such as average job size).

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