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Brother HL 3075CW Review


In an attempt to save money, individuals and businesses alike have turned to purchasing their own printing equipment instead of relying on expensive printing shops to do the work for them.  In the past, you might have expected to pay thousands of dollars for a printer able to produce quality color documents but now the price has gone down so much that you can get your own for an extremely reasonable price.  In fact, you can get one for around $200!  The Brother HL-3075CW LED color printer is a good example of a good quality printer at a very reasonable price. 


The Brother HL-3075CW LED color printer is very easy to set up and is compatible with Any Windows, Mac OS, or Linux machine.   With a printer this easy to set up, people with multiple devices running different operating systems will be saved from the trouble of figuring out how to install the printer on each one.  In addition to its easy setup, the HL3075 comes ready to communicate wirelessly.  What’s really nice about the 3075CW is that it comes straight out of the box with wireless network access capability.   One-push wireless configuration is also an option for routers that support the option.  Those wanting to physically connect the printer to their computer can also do so as the printer comes equipped with a 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet port.  You can even download an app for your mobile device that enables you to print documents from your phone.  In addition to its versatility, the HL3075 is pretty darn fast with a maximum printing speed of up to 19 pages per minute in both color and in black and white.  If you are in a hurry you can count on this printer to come through with flying colors. 


The Brother HL-3075CW color LED printer does have a few faults though.  First and foremost is the printer’s lackluster performance when printing photographs.  Photos come out looking grainy and colors appear darker than they should.  In addition to photo quality issues, the HL3075CW only ships with toner cartridges half-filled.  Maximizing profits is one thing but this is a pretty cheap thing to do for any company.  Users will find that they don’t save as much money after all when they end up having to replace toner cartridges sooner than expected.  Lastly, some users have complained of excessive warm up times, which can be frustrating for those needing to have their documents ready in a hurry.  

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