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Samsung SCX 6320F 4 in 1 Multi function Laser Printer

OVERVIEW:  There are times when the printing feature of a multi-function printer is not the first thing on your shopping list. Many times a good printer is already in the office. So now you’re looking for an all-in-one that can handle high-volume copying, but also can perform scanning and faxing—with or without a computer. The Samsung SCX-6320F 4-in-1 offers high-resolution, high-volume standalone copying.

If you don’t want to turn on the computer every time you want to make a copy, a fax, or e-mail a scan, you don’t have to.  The SCX-6320F has a full control panel with an on-screen menu for printer setup and operation without the need for software. A traditional QWERTY keyboard as well as a numeric keypad allows for text and number entries. Twenty programmable keys allow for 1-touch dialing for up to 40 fax numbers. An address book function allows for more frequently used fax numbers to be stored and retrieved, speed dialing of 200 numbers. To protect unwanted access, fax pages can be stored in the SCX-6320F’s 16MB memory; a 4-digit security password can be activated to allow authorized users to print the stored faxes. A pass-through external phone jack on the back of the printer allows for plugging a telephone or an answering machine.

The Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF) allows copying or scanning of up to 50 2-sided originals.
This printer has some serious paper capacity. The SCX-6320F comes standard with a 550-sheet cassette tray, capable of holding over a ream of letter or legal-size paper. The flip-door on the side of the printer reveals a 100-sheet multi-purpose tray that can handle transparencies, labels, post cards, envelopes, and to 8½” x 14” legal paper of various bond weights.

The color scanner portion of the SCX-6320F is compatible with TWAIN and XP/Vista’s WIA standards.  Copy options include changing image magnification from 0.5 to 2 times the original size, and up to 99 multi-page copying. Printing speeds are about 22 pages per second.
The SCX-6300F gives you a choice of using the USB 2.0 or Parallel interface to connect to a single workstation. Ethernet LAN is available as an option, or simply your computer’s operating system to make it a shared printer.

There is no official mention of the amount of printer memory the Samsung SCX-6320F has. The only memory listed is 16MB for the fax function. If printer memory is shared with the RAM used for remembering and storing fax numbers, this may cause delays in printing as the fax starts to fill up the memory.
This 4-in-1 is one of Samsung’s noisier multi-function printers. In operation, the SCX-6320F produces 60dB of sound and 40db sitting idle. To give you an idea of that means, 60dB is the sound of normal conversations and 40db is the sound level of whispering.  Having only USB or Parallel connections means whatever computer the SCX-6320F is cabled to, that user will have to get used to having a noisy office.

The SCX-6320F has separate toner and drum to help reduce overall consumables costs. The standard 8,000-page starter toner and drum cartridges are included in the box. The drum unit will need to be replaced ever 20,000 pages—which is about the same time the DADF rubber pad will need replacing.

The software in the CD-ROM is primarily for Windows compatible machines. For Windows users, the SmartThru4 software provides the most features, supporting not only scanning and printing, but offering an advanced printing section that allows for booklet printing, creating a large poster mosaics, and watermarks.

The Linux software package is not included with the CD and has to be downloaded from Samsung’s website to support printer and scanning functions. The Linux Unified Driver Configurator software allows for scanned images to manipulated and edited.

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