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Brother HL 5250DN

If you are in the market for a fast, reliable network laser printer then the HL-5250DN could be just the machine you need.  This monochrome printer is aimed squarely at businesses that want good quality, quick printing at low cost.  As long as they don’t mind compromising on quality.

The HL-5250DN will output up to 30 pages per minute at 600dpi and has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi.  That is an acceptable rate for any business printer.  The print quality is good, but not superb, with the edges of letter not as crisp as they could be.

The built-in duplexer means that the HL-5250DN can print double sided when required.  Ideal for printing booklets, brochures or leaflets.  The print speed slows to 13 pages a minute when printing duplex, which is still a respectable rate.  Double sided printing is also good for those companies who are trying to control the expense of consumables.

The toner seems to last a lifetime.  The standard printing option is quite efficient and there are built in economy modes for internal monochrome documents that cuts down on the toner used considerably.  Replacement drums and cartridges are reasonably priced, with the “High-Yield” toner cartridge purporting to be able to print over 7000 standard business pages before it needs refilling.

The HL-5250DN also has a built in network port, so can be quickly added to a corporate network or workgroup.  This is a feature that isn’t as prevalent in printers at this price point as it should be, and it is nice to see one included here.  Having integrated networking is also good for managing the printer. 

The HL-5250DN comes with a built in web server, which allows management and configuration via a web-interface.  The administrator can monitor usage and consumables as well as adjust settings on the fly.  This adds to the usefulness of this device overall.

Included with the HL-5250DN package is a comprehensive driver suite and administration application.  This application allows you to control every aspect of the printer, from its default settings, permissions. To the deployment of drivers.  The BRAdmin suite allows the bundling of drivers that can be pushed to each client PC to keep administration as easy as possible.

As a piece of office equipment, the HL-5250DN is a good purchase.  It is easy to install, configure and use.  The web interface makes it easy to monitor and control, and the network connectivity means it can be quickly integrated into a workgroup and shared.  Consumables are easily procured from online retailers and will last longer than other brands if used properly.

There are many other printers on the market that can do everything the HL-5250DN can.  None of them can match the combination of ease of use and value for money.  The purchase price is low, the running cost is low meaning the cost per page is low.  Something most businesses value, especially at the moment.

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