Sabtu, 30 November 2013


Before using the Software Resetter Epson Stylus T20, make sure:
a. Epson Stylus T20 Printer Driver is installed first, and make sure the printer is connect to the computer
b. Make sure you have the "Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T20"
c. Make sure that the damages requested in the printer reset counter (usually a red flame of the lamp on the printer all)
Here is a tutorial resetter Epson Stylus T20:
1. Set Adjustment Epson Stylus T20 software on your computer
2. If the software is compressed, the software used to extract his resetter Epson T20
3. Printer Switch
4. Open the folder resetter Epson Stylus T20 Adjprog.exe you and run the file.
5. Click Accept
6. Click Particular adjustment mode menu entry to reset the printer counter
7. Find and click on Waste ink pad counter menu, then click OK
8. Click Check to find out the counter value at the time of blinking, and Ok to continue

Click initialization to change / reset the printer counter becomes zero, so the printer to be normal again. Then click OK to continue
9. Click Finish to end the process of resetting the counter Epson Stylus T20
10. Click Previous to return to main menu
11. Click Quit to exit the program counter reset Epson Stylus T20
12. Reset waste ink counter Epson Stylus T20 is done, turn off the printer for a while, then restart the printer, and wait until the printer calibration is completed

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