Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Lanier LD 328c

The multifunction device market is a busy one. A new release has to really stand out to be noticed and has to offer something special to become a winner. Lanier hopes their LD328c is such a device.

The LD328c is Lanier’s most recent color multifunction device that provides full color printing, copying, scanning and faxing to medium to large offices or workgroups.

Setting it up is easy, just a matter of unpacking everything and slotting it together. It may look large and complicated, but it’s actually a modular design and slots together well. It can be connected via USB, parallel or network, and is easy to install into an existing workgroup using either a host computer or router.

Printing and copying is where the LD328c excels. Print quality is excellent and monochrome text is especially crisp at standard resolution of 1200 dpi. Copying is at 600 dpi, but they are rendered almost as well as the prints. The print speed averaged 28 pages per minute for monochrome and 24 pages for color which is pretty good for this price point.

Scanning is as simple as can be. The device is effective and produced excellent results when we tested it. The copy was just about identical to the original and came out in no time at all. Average scan speed was 50 pages per minute, which is impressive.

The fax is also of a high standard. It produced good clear results in no time at all. The simple fax controls on the panel are easy to use and contain all the functions you are likely to need. It also has options like fax redirection, broadcast secure storage and fax from desktop.

While capable of so much more, ideally this is a multifunction for the medium to large workgroup who demand both quality and speed. The print quality is easily good enough for any office, especially monochrome text. Toner costs are low, with the 19000 page black cartridge being a surprisingly good deal.

The LD328c is entering a competitive space, but has enough features of high enough quality that it should do well. It doesn’t stand head and shoulders above any other offerings, but it does well enough to hold its own in the market.

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