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Dell 3115cn Printer Review


The Dell 3115cn is an amazing printer with many great features. These features include high quality printing, high speed printing and faxing and works with networking. If you need to get the job done fast and right, this 4-in-1 printer is perfect. With a great design that is robust and energetic, this printer has an increased monthly duty cycle. Because of this, you can print high quality prints at an increased rate to get the job done right.


The Dell 3115cn is a really fast printer that is able to create black and white prints at 31 pages per minute with a resolution of 600 by 600 DPI.

You can easily copy and scan multiple prints with the Dell 3115cn. The reason for this is because it comes with a document feeder that can allow for 50 pages. Since it has such a big document feeder, no more feeding the printer with paper over and over again.

With the optional auto-duplexing feature, you are able to print both sides of the page easily. With this feature, you can easily cut down on costs when printing booklets and other printing materials. This decreases costs and helps the environment as well because it decreases printing space.

The Dell 3115cn can produce high quality prints and scans since the scanner is a high quality color scanner. Since it works with a network., you can easily scan to the computer or save to the computer.

You can also scan and archive office documents because this printer comes enabled with bundled software with powerful tools.

You can also use it as a fax machine and send faxes right from your computer. This printer allows you to fax from your email as well. You do not even have to sit at the computer while faxing. You can set it to do it automatically and go off and do other tasks.

Since it is network enabled, you can create 50 extra user accounts because it has a color track control tool. There are other features including being able to set limits for black and white prints and color prints, setting printing permissions for individuals as well as workgroups and being able to use a tool to track user information and usage. This can all be done remotely.

The MFP is flexible and can be upgraded many different ways. A wireless printer can also be installed to work with a laptop that is WI-FI compatible. You can also add a 550 paper feeder to increase the paper feeder to 950 sheets. This increase in the paper feeder is great for high volume printing jobs. For large printing jobs, the memory can be increased from 128 MB to 1152 MB. Another great thing about this is being able to work with large scanning jobs such as brochures, catalogs and other marketing resources.


The Dell 3115cn is really difficult to set up. The manual does not help like it should because it is not clear on many things. For the set-up, you will also need technical knowledge as well as some knowledge of TCI/IP.

The LCD display is a little hard to read and the commands have to be entered in as plain text.

This printer is not for you if you need your office up and running fast and efficiently. This is because the auto-duplexing feature does not come free with the printer and is only an optional upgrade.

The design is not that great and is a little clunky. The automatic paper feeder will also jam up often. Using this printer will make you waste 10% of the paper because the printer runs hot and the paper feeder jams up frequently. Because of this, the print and scan quality comes out poor.

Although with the auto-duplexing feature you should be saving paper and time since it is supposed to print on both sides, it is usually impossible to do this because of the automatic paper feeder.

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